The wow Cosmetics brand was founded in Israel in 2005 with the primary aim of introducing quality cosmetics products at competitive prices. The wow brand expanded rapidly and quickly became the cosmetics brand with the largest number of stores in Israel. Without an advertising budget it became a well-known brand in Israel  bringing a significant change to the cosmetics market.

The success in the Israeli market brought a demand from overseas markets, and in 2008 the range was introduced to the South African market.

WOW Cosmetics Products can now be found in hundreds of stores across the country, as well as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Our wide range of makeup, fashion accessories, and face, body and hair care products suit every woman and any budget.

WOW Cosmetics' unique line of products is appropriate for every age group and designed to satisfy dynamic cosmetics needs. We continuously update the products we offer to stay in touch with the latest fashion developments. All cosmetic products in the WOW range are made with high standards of quality, are absolutely safe to use, and are fully licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health and according to the European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009/EC.

WOW Cosmetics pays great attention to maintaining high standards both in terms of product quality and the consistent level of service that we have pledged to provide our clientele.
Wow Cosmetics takes pains to always remain at the cutting edge of developments and innovations in the quality and variety of products we offer, keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends while also making a reliably high level of customer service a priority.
As part of our vision of creating the very best shopping experience, WOW Cosmetics regularly incorporates constructive feedback from customers, suppliers and sales representatives countrywide. This open two-way communication has helped to further expand our diverse product lines and improve our personalized customer service.