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Applying eyeshadow has become an art, and every budding makeup artist needs the right tools to achieve the desired work of art. Other than working with a range of different colours, the quality of the makeup makes a big difference too so make sure that your makeup bag has all the necessities. If you are wondering what these necessities are, the answer is simple – the WOW Cosmetics range of eyeshadows.

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WOW Cosmetics has the most beautiful range of eyeshadows for any occasion. From the lighter colours for the more subtle look to the sparkly, darker colours for the more standout look, WOW Cosmetics offers it all.

By far my most favourite eyeshadow product in the range is the WOW Sparkling corals palette which is made up of 12 different colours of pressed eyeshadow encased in the most gorgeous hard case packaging. It is hard not to be drawn to something so beautiful and sparkly both on the inside and the outside. This product really has it all.

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The Rainbow eyeshadow palette by WOW contains 18 different colours of pressed powder to experiment and play with. Soft and silky to the touch and made to last all day, this product offers an unlimited number of smouldering looks.

The WOW Obsession eyeshadow purse is perfect for keeping in your handbag for when you need some touch-ups on the run. The hard case compact purse contains 5 different colours that can be used for any occasion. Coupled with a mirror and a small eyeshadow brush, this product should be a staple in every woman’s handbag.

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To help achieve the desired look, always remember to apply your eyeshadow before any other makeup to avoid any mess. Another option is to hold a tissue or cotton wool pad under your eyes when applying the eyeshadow. If you struggle to apply eyeshadow with the brush, try using your fingers. Most importantly, always remember to blend your eyeshadow.

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If you are still trying to master the art of applying pressed eyeshadow, then the WOW Moon range of liquid eyeshadow is another great option. It’s a simple solution with a great look. By dabbing the liquid eyeshadow on you can achieve an even look without the hassle. If you struggle to dab it on with the applicator, then your fingers work just as well. The liquid eyeshadow also comes in a range of different colours at a great price.

Whatever masterpiece you are going for, the WOW eyeshadow range has everything you need to achieve it.


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