WOW Those Brows

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For something that makes up a very obvious part of your face, it’s no wonder that eyebrows have been receiving so much attention. Eyebrow cosmetics have really taken off which means that we are a lot more spoilt for choice these days.

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With that being said, WOW Cosmetics offers a full range of high-quality eyebrow cosmetics to help you achieve whatever look you are going for at amazing prices. If you are unsure where to start or which products you should use, here is a quick overview of the range, how you use the various products and what results you can expect from each one.

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The most logical place for me to start is with the WOW Instant lift brow/eye pencil because an eyebrow pencil is the one product that most people are already familiar with. What makes this specific product so appealing though is that there are two sides to the pencil, the one side has a small brush that you can use to comb and essentially tame your eyebrows, while the other side is the actual pencil that you can use to fill in your eyebrows. With small, fine strokes you can fill in your eyebrows to give them a natural, full look.

Next, is the WOW Eyebrow gel which looks like a tube of mascara but for your eyebrows. The eyebrow gel is great for taming unruly eyebrows while giving them a fuller look. The gel dries and keeps the hairs in place. Just sweep the brush through your eyebrows in the direction that they are growing to give them a well-groomed look.

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The WOW Eye brow kit and the range of pressed powder looks like eyeshadow for your eyebrows. Using an eyebrow brush, just sweep the colour through your eyebrows to fill them in and give them some subtle colour.

Lastly, and by far my favourite, is the WOW microblading eyebrows pen.


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This nifty little pen is so easy to use for filling in your eyebrows and making them ‘pop’. This product is made up of four soft little combs on the tip of the pen that gives you a more ‘hair-like’ natural brow look when you brush it through your eyebrows. The combs are angled in such a way that you can easily follow the shape of your eyebrows. The ink in the pen doesn’t smudge, but if you do happen to make a mistake when using it, the ink can easily be removed with makeup remover.

The best part about these products is that they all come in a range of different shades to compliment any eyebrows.


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